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'You are foolish to believe such nonsense/ ad-
monished the canon, 'Go home to your people
and forget that; you are not going to die.5

'Yes I am—and I want a picture taken so that
my people can remember me/

Crow Shoe spoke with such assurance that
Canon Stocken was at a loss to know what to do.
He tried every persuasion he could think of to get
Chief Crow Shoe to go home and forget about the
Cree medicine-man, but the chief stood staunchly
in his tracks and refused. So3 to satisfy him, the
canon finally got his camera and took his picture
standing in the doorway of the mission—a superb
figure, more than six feet tall In his moccasins, his
braided hair flowing in two glossy streaks over his
buckskin shirt and his long., muscular arms folded
serenely across his chest-
Then the canon took him by the hand and said:
'Now,, go home and forget all you have told me.
I shall drive over to see you next week.*

But the canon never went to see Crow Shoe: for
he died three days later—on Wednesday morning.
One day when I was about ten years old, one of
the half-breed traders who used to come up to
trade with the Indians from Fort Benton? Mon-
tana, rode into our camp and asked for our medi-
cine-man. He told him that one of the kegs of
liquor which he was taking up north to trade for
buffalo robes had been stolen the night before.,